For our partners, we offer joint mutually beneficial cooperation in the sale of services and consumer goods throughout the GASENERGY gas station network.

card service

Spacious areas of gas stations and minimarkets

card service

Separate coffee zones

card service

The possibility of renting out space on the territory of the gas station

card service

Target audience - premium segment

card service

A large flow of cars

card service

The possibility of active advertising promotion on the territory of the gas station throughout the GASENERGY network


For companies that have vehicles on their balance sheet, we offer a high-quality and effective non-cash payment tool - fuel cards and coupons. The partner company has the opportunity to independently choose the types of cards (cash or liter denomination) and coupons. This allows partner companies to monitor and analyze costs, as well as keep accurate fuel records. A single loyal discount system operates throughout the GASENERGY network. The amount of discounts on cards and coupons depends on the amount of fuel purchased.

Fuel cards Fuel coupons
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Avtogaz Trade LLP always strives to expand partnerships. We are responsible for integrity, transparency and honesty in relation to all business partners.

We offer you cooperation on mutually beneficial terms in order to jointly develop business and delight the consumer with high-quality service and the goods he needs.