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July 11, 2023

Fuel quality control at GASENERGY filling stations

Quality control of petroleum products at filling stations is carried out in order to establish its compliance with the labeling and chemical composition specified in the certificate of conformity.

The first stage of the check is carried out at the refinery: the fuel is checked for an extended list of indicators (density, flash point, mass fraction of water, etc.), after which the workers issue quality passports.

After that, control takes place at the oil depots: the Company is responsible at this stage.

When a shipment of fuel arrives at a filling station, workers check the density of the fuel with accompanying documents so that no errors occur.

A fuel sample can be sent to an independent laboratory or use our own, if:
– there are deviations in density, doubt about the quality (suspicion of the presence of impurities, such as water)
– at long-term storage.

Also, our company uses the services of a mobile laboratory. It allows you to quickly analyze the main indicators, such as octane number, fractional composition, etc., directly at the gas station. Checks can be carried out unexpectedly at any of the network’s filling stations. This is a great way to constantly monitor product quality and a significant competitive advantage.

To enhance fuel quality control, all fuel dispensers are equipped with filters that allow trapping the smallest dust particles.

Customers can also control the quality of fuel at gas stations: if there are doubts about the quality of fuel, you can independently contact an independent laboratory, if you have a receipt.