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December 15, 2021


The bonus system is now available on your phone. No more lengthy activations and bonus checks through operators. Fast, easy, convenient.

Our bonus system has moved to the Vlife app. Available for download from the AppStore or PlayMarket.

How to start using the application:
After loading, the main menu will open.
— click on the icon “My car”
— select “Gas station GASENERGY”
— enter phone number
— Enter a code
— enter your personal data.

If you already had a MyEnergy card or a GASENERGY cash card (brown), add it in your personal account. To do this, scan the barcode or enter the number manually. After the card is added, the client’s status will be automatically updated to the current one.

The bonus calculating system remains the same. All accumulated bonuses until 14.12 on the MyEnergy card can be spent until 31.03.2022. The rest of the bonuses will be credited in the application.

To increase the status, write to us in the telegram bot ( For example, before switching to gold, you lacked 100 points. When these points are accumulated in Vlife, we will update the status at your request.

Hotline for all questions: 5858.