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July 3, 2021

How ordinary gas stations became roadside complexes.

Did you know that the first gas station appeared in Seattle in 1907. In those days, gas stations were small huts with tanks filled with fuel and equipped with a hand pump. Just imagine it!

Or, for example, according to statistics in 2019, cars became the most sold product in the world, accounting for about 4.9% of world trade. How do you like these numbers? By the way, according to the GASENERGY gas station network, all gas stations must have a certificate or passport of quality and any customer has the right to request it.

Free Wi-Fi, bathrooms inside gas stations, namazkhana, coffee zone, service station, car washes, pedestals and even book corners on the territory of the station. Could the residents of Seattle have assumed that in the distant 2021, gas stations would become entire complexes. According to the director of the Strategy and Marketing Department of the Gasenergy network, Chingiz Nurazkhanov, gas stations of the future have long been a reality in the automotive world. And the modern station does not just allow you to refuel the car with fuel, but is a high-tech complex.

“For example, in the conditions of a pandemic, it was important to ensure the most comfortable conditions at gas stations, so many new positions appeared in the GASENERGY network in the assortment of our mini-markets, additional options. Last year showed that it is necessary to keep a distance and minimize trips to crowded places. And from part of this, the demand for additional services at gas stations has become even greater. And this is due to the fact that gas stations have long become whole complexes with a full range of services. And you can buy almost everything there that is sold in grocery stores and supermarkets”” said Chingiz Nurazkhanov, Marketing and Strategy Director of the chain.

By the way, on the territory of GASENERGY gas stations there are already book corners, items for the beach season, certain items of dishes, coloring books, and soon there will even be fitness simulators. For 6 years, this network has become one of the most developed new generation gas stations in Kazakhstan and continues to strengthen its position in the retail market of automotive fuel.