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November 23, 2021

How to read the passport of the quality of AI-92 fuel

As we wrote earlier about the diesel fuel quality passport – you will find three columns in the document: the norm for Technical Regulations for vehicle, the norm for GOST and the actual value.

The norm for vehicle TR and GOST are the requirements of the customs union and the regulatory document (Technical Specifications or GOST).
Important: Fuel produced in accordance with GOST is preferable to that produced in accordance with Technical Specifications.

In order to assess the quality of raw materials, you need to compare the actual value from the third column with the first two. Everything should be within normal limits.

Also pay attention to impurities:
–  lead concentration should be no more than 5 mg/dm3;
–  mass fraction of sulfur content in the exhaust should not exceed 50 mg/kg;
–  indicators such as manganese and iron should be completely absent in fuel.

The issue date of the quality passport should not be much older than 7 days. If the consumer has suspicions about the fuel, he has the right to conduct an independent examination.