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May 16, 2022

How to read a diesel fuel quality passport at a gas station?

There are three columns in our quality certificate: the norm for TR of the vehicle, the norm for GOST and the actual value. The first two are the requirements of the customs union and the regulatory document (Technical Specification or GOST). Check the value from the third column against the first two.

What else is important to know?
1. Fuel produced in accordance with GOST is preferable to that produced in accordance with Technical Sepcficiation.
2. The flammability depends on the cetane number. The optimal value is from 40 to 55. If the figure is less, then this leads to rapid engine wear, if more, then to higher fuel consumption.
3. Viscosity. For summer varieties – from 3 to 6 cSt, for winter – 1.8 – 5 cSt. If the viscosity is high, then the fuel combustion is uneven, and if it is small, then there is a high probability of rapid wear and damage to the fuel pump.
4. The percentage of sulfur in the exhaust must not exceed 50 mg/ kg.

The date of the quality passport issue must be no older than 7 days. Usually during this time a batch of fuel is sold out.