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October 26, 2021

Are AKI 91 and AI-92 the same thing?

The abbreviation AKI and the octane number are often found on the caps of the gas tank of foreign cars. How to understand what kind of fuel to fill in Kazakhstan?

Questions arise because of the octane rating system of fuel in our country and abroad. Sometimes it is believed that the AKI 91 is the same as the AI-92. But it is not so.

AI is the octane number determined using the research method.
AKI is the average index between the exploratory method and the motor method.

The whole difference lies in the method of the octane number determination.

The approximate correspondence between our AI and foreign AKI is:
AKI 87 – AI-92,
AKI 91 – AI-95,
AKI 93 – AI-98.

Be sure to pay attention to what is written on the gas tank cap and in the operating instructions, so as not to make a mistake in the choice of fuel.