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February 8, 2019

Promotion “Give good”

Dear Customers Gasenergy, a storm warning during the freezing period from February 07 to February 10, 2019 in the city of Astana at Gasenergy petrol places, we launch the campaign “Give good”.

Hurry to warm up tasty tea for free!

On gas stations, we try to ensure a high level of customer service. Spacious mini-March has an extensive assortment of goods. Also, you can use additional payment to the Fast Food zone, offering visitors with hot and cool drinks, fresh pastries, free Wi-Fi access with the ability to connect to high-speed Internet. Opening hours: 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Addresses of refueling Astana:

1. Z-21 AZS District “Saryarka” Travel 69 House 5 (Shanghai Market)
2. Z-22 gas station pr. Kababai Batyra 45V (Ug.ul Dala)
3. Z-23 AZS PR.Mәngіlіk ate 89a (according to Cabanai Batyr in the direction of the airport)
4. Z-24 AZS PR.Mәngilіk ate 89b (UG.Pr. Kababai Batyr, opposite Family Villaq)
5. Z-25 gas stations PR.Mәngilіk ate 90A (Family Villaqe)
6. Z-26 gas station st. Ch.Aitmatova 50.
7. Z-27 AZS District Ul. Ch.Aitmatova 69.
8. Z-28 gas station g Astana district Baikonyr, ul. ONDIRIS, building 80